Technical support and Contact Information

  • As this Data Feed is API based service, your server will be sending an hourly GET request to fetch data from IndiaNotes.

  • As we use token based authentication, you will be provided with credentials (username and password) and post successful authentication a Token will be sent from IndiaNotes server which should be sent along with the periodic GET requests. Token is valid for 24 hours from the time of authentication, so authentication request has to be sent daily.

  • Technical Support includes support through email, phone and cases which will be included into consideration are:

We are able to provide support for IndiaNotes API which includes:

  • General questions about use of the API

  • Use and configuration of the API

  • Deployment issues related to the API

We are unable to provide support for:

  • General questions about development

  • Debugging of client applications or third-party software

  • Client’s local hardware/software set-up

Response hours & time

Standard support is offered on a best-effort basis, and during weekdays only.  You will receive a response to your support issue within four hours. Depending on the nature of the issue, resolution time may vary.

IndiaNotes is a product of ValueNotes for retail investors. It is the largest curator of Equity and Industry Research data. We curate news, articles, interviews, and research reports, investor presentations published by leading financial newspaper sites, youtube, and top brokers’ recommendations. IndiaNotes is currently helping more than 1200 websites by providing them with various feeds and data.

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