Customized Content Feed is the largest curator of Equity and Industry Research data. We curate news, articles, interviews, and research reports, investor presentations published by leading financial newspaper sites, youtube, and top brokers’ recommendations.  We also cover good independent bloggers. 

Since we are the largest financial curator, we can now make a customized widget of content for your website where all the relevant news, research reports, interviews of specific companies, industry, policy news or any indices selected would appear in the widget placed on your website without any human intervention enhancing your website, as it requires a huge budget and time to keep content writers and manage it.

Our hybrid approach of combining existing data with manual curation has a track record of delivering de-duplicated, enriched & actionable business and industry data feeds.

Instead of a keyword based feed that pulls in all sorts of information, IN provides a company based feed with business and industry relevant information sourced from corporate websites, social media, news publication, regulators and other sources in the public domain.      



Industry Research/Articles

Industry Interview

Industry News


Company (Listed)

Company News

Results Analysis

Brokers Research

Annual Reports

Company Interview

Analyst Meet Notes

Independent Research

Corporate Announcements

We can provide you with a content feed for above categorise via API. We also curate Personal Finance, Mutual Funds, and Insurance related articles and feeds can be provided for the above.