Zee Learn FY19 Total Revenue Doubles to Rs 549 Cr; EBITDA at All Time High of Rs 158 Cr

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  • FY19 Consolidated Topline & PAT up 102% and 68% respectively
  • Q4 FY19 Consolidated Topline & PAT up 94% and 77% YoY respectively
  • Q4 FY19 Consolidated Topline & PAT up 45% and 124% QoQ respectively

Financial Highlights for Q4 FY19 and FY19 on consolidated basis

 Consolidated Total Revenue GrowthConsolidated EBITDA GrowthConsolidated PBT GrowthConsolidated PAT Growth
Annual YoY 102% YoY54% YoY51% YoY              69% YoY
Quarter YoY   94% YoY 44% YoY 51% YoY              80% YoY
Quarter QoQ   45% QoQ73% QoQ129% QoQ           125% QoQ

Zee Learn Limited, India’s leading Education company and India’s Most Trusted Diversified Education Brand*, today reported its Standalone and Consolidated Q4FY19 and FY18-19 Annual financial results.

Q4 FY19 performance on consolidated basis:

  • Total Revenue for Q4 FY19 at Rs. 176.0 Cr up from Rs. 90.8 Cr in Q4 FY18
  • EBITDA for Q4 FY19 at Rs. 51.9 Cr up from Rs. 36.1 Cr in Q4 FY18
  • PBT for Q4 FY19 at Rs. 41.1 Cr up from Rs. 27.7 Cr in Q4 FY18
  • PAT for Q4 FY19 at Rs. 31.3 Cr up from Rs. 17.4 Cr in Q4 FY18

FY19 performance on consolidated basis:

  • Total Revenue for FY19 at Rs. 549.3 Cr up from Rs. 272.5 Cr in FY18
  • EBITDA for FY19 at Rs. 157.7 Cr up from Rs. 102.1 Cr in FY18
  • PBT for FY19 at Rs. 113.9 Cr up from Rs. 75.6 Cr in FY18
  • PAT for FY19 at Rs. 83.4 Cr up from Rs. 49.3 Cr in FY18

Commenting on the business performance, Mr. Ajey Kumar, MD, Zee Learn Ltd said, “The overall performance of the company for this year and the past few years has been very good. The Company has now got all the building blocks in place for ensuring an even faster paced growth in the coming time. With the addition of MT Educare Ltd. to our portfolio, we are now a full services education company with offerings ranging from Pre-K to K12 / Higher Education on one hand and ranging from core to supplementary education on the other hand.”
Commenting on the Results, Mr. Debshankar Mukhopadhyay, CEO, Zee Learn Ltd, said “During the year, we expanded operating margins, improved the quality of our product mix, generated sufficient cash flow for operations and continued to streamline our product portfolio. These results reflect our unrelenting commitment to all the stakeholders and our intense focus on disciplined execution within our core businesses.”

Figs in Rs in Cr

Financial Highlights: ZLL Consolidated(MT Educare Ltd consolidated for 10 months)  

 Quarter endedYear Ended  
 31-Mar-1931-Mar-1831-Mar-1931-Mar-18YOY Q4 Growth %YOY  Growth %
Revenue from operations        165.3          89.8        517.2        268.884%92%
Other Income          10.7            0.9          32.0            3.71089%765%
Total Revenue        176.0          90.7        549.2        272.594%102%
COGS / Operational Cost          46.7          19.0        145.4          45.0146%223%
Employee benefits expense          41.2          20.7        141.6          78.899%80%
Selling and marketing expenses            7.7            5.4          27.2          16.243%68%
Other expenses          17.9            8.7          45.4          26.7106%70%
Total expenses        113.5          53.8        359.6        166.7111%116%
EBITDA          51.9          36.0        157.6        102.144%54%
EBITDA % 31%40%30%38%  
Finance Cost          13.4            6.6          47.3          19.1103%148%
Depreciation and amortisation expenses            7.5            2.7          27.9          11.1181%151%
Profit before tax          41.7          27.7        114.5          75.651%51%
Profit before tax % 25%  31%22%28%  
Tax          10.4          10.3          31.1          26.30%18%
Profit after tax          31.3          17.4          83.4          49.380%69%
Profit after tax %  19% 19%16% 18%  

Key Business indicators

Net Operational Kidzee19141813
Net Operational MLZS129122
Net Kidzee Students136,954127,201
Net MLZS Students                63,875  56,264
ZLL Standalone EBITDA %45%39%



Key Financial indicators (Consolidated)


Free Cash Flow (Rs. In Cr)                  189.7         86.3
Borrowings (Rs. In Cr)                 430.4        257.4
EPS (Rs.)                    2.3            1.5
Working Capital (Rs. In Cr)                (110.6)        (45.8)
Debt Equity Ratio                    0.70          0.73


Update on new initiatives:

  1. Initiatives undertaken during the year

Kidzee Day Care - The Kidzee Day Care programme is based on the philosophy of providing a child a home away from home. The programme replicates the home environment for the child and aids in the development of skills such as Cognitive, Social and Emotional, Speech & Language and Fine & Gross Motor skills. The Day Care programme has been designed to accommodate all the requirements of a child – rest, play, nutrition and learning.

Ankurum – It is aimed at providing structured quality education at an affordable cost in a safe & secure environment. The program is designed to give students the best chance of academic success by providing well-researched, age-appropriate, child-centered and holistic curriculum. Ankurum’s well-researched curriculum ‘Initium’ is designed to help each child realize his/her unique potential in a self-paced manner.

Fun n Learn -Children learn the best through Play. Experimental Learning is a new-age methodology which is based on the global concept of ‘Power of Play’. Fun N learn is an innovative product from Kidzee that integrates fundamental learning into specially designed activities and games mapped to the Kidzee Curriculum.

Kidzee Little Artist Box -Where fun meets learning! A carefully-designed activity box that is specially curated for your young one’s growing needs. Created by a dedicated team of subject experts, educationists, remedial instructors and design specialists, it is an innovative and engaging educational product so that children can constantly learn through the joy of play.

Kidzee Healthy & Happy Program -Kids today are becoming increasingly susceptible to lifestyle ailments such as obesity, diabetes and asthma. Keeping this in mind, Kidzee has designed a holistic health check-up and wellness programme that focuses on General Health Assessment, Dental Health, Eye-health, Dietary assessment, Health Games and a contest for Behavioural Assessment.

Luminosity - Luminosity is a proprietary new age Learning Management System (LMS) conceptualized, designed and developed by Zee Learn. Luminosity provides teachers of MLZS a simple and user-friendly interface to access a host of high-end digital content to make the teaching-learning process engaging, enriching, effective and fun. The content is a unique mix of 2D & 3D animations, high-end simulations & virtual labs and a host of well-researched interactivities.

New Age Learning Resources -The new LRs are designed to ensure academic excellence through skill-based interventions and not only provide a rich learning experience to our MLZS students but will also help our MLZS teachers significantly by providing them with a set of well-researched learning tools and enrichment tools.

Literati -The Literati is a monthly newsletter targeted at the students of Mount Litera Zee Schools (MLZS). It is our own fourth estate which shall reflect creative writing and reading skills of our Mount Literans, educators and leaders at MLZS PAN India. The Literati is designed to act as a medium to spread awareness about the great work being done across our school network.

Journalism Program -ZIMA - School of Journalism launched the most exclusive 9-month Certificate programme in Journalism at its Mumbai (Andheri) campus. This course is being executed in collaboration with Zee Media Corporation Limited (ZMCL) with emphasis on learning in the real environment. This Journalism course offers excellent placement opportunities for successful students at Zee Media channels and is currently running at Mumbai, Noida and Kolkata.

Aesthetics – A Youth Conclave was organized by ZICA and ZIMA for VFX, Animation and Gaming students and industry professionals. The conclave had sessions with eminent personalities from Adobe, Zee5, MSI Global, Unity Technologies and more. It also had enthusiastic participation from across the nation with more than 100 students participating in the event and winning awards in the film showcase competition.

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