Company: ACC Ltd. Category: Result Analysis

Pan-India players like ACC, Ambuja and Ultratech to report combined volume growth of ~8% YoY, with ACC reporting stronger growth on account of capacity addition. North-based companies like Shree Cement, JK Cement and JK Lakshmi Cement are likely to report volume growth of 9% YoY, while south-based companies are expected to report volume growth of 4% YoY in 2QFY18.
Oct. 12, 2017, 4:09 p.m.

ACC posted strong show for the quarter on the back of lower-than-expected increase in costs. EBITDA/t rose to its highest levels since Q4CY12. Beaten-down volume base (↓9% YoY in H2CY16 due to demonetisation), new capacity added in highest growing region and meaningful reduction in costs due to modernisation, would drive strong profitability in H2.
Aug. 24, 2017, 4:48 p.m.