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Monsoon impact on stock markets: Monsoon in the range of 96 per cent to 104 per cent of LTA is considered to be a normal monsoon. While monsoon above 110 per cent of LTA is considered excessive, monsoon below 90 per cent of LTA is classified as drought conditions.
April 17, 2018, midnight

Nifty is down 6.7% from its peak, but that barely explains the underlying churn that is being seen in the constituents that form the Nifty 50. Nifty 50 is a Free Float Market Weighted Index which means that the weight is derived from the total market cap of non-promoter shareholding.
April 12, 2018, 1:43 p.m.

The Union Budget 2018’s imposition of Long Term Capital Gains Tax saw a sharp reaction from the market with respect to the banking stocks. Added to the milieu the recent spate of NPAs and banking frauds has seen some banking shares fall sharply.
April 11, 2018, 3:56 p.m.

The real estate share market is not driving a lot of investors currently but one does need to remember that it is a cyclic sector. In the recent few years, the real estate market in India has undergone massive changes.
April 11, 2018, 3:37 p.m.

Have you ever thought how people like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Dolly Khanna makes big money from stock market? They can do so because they invest in multibagger stocks.
April 7, 2018, 10:20 p.m.

A Consistent Performer stock means stock which gives consistent returns every year irrespective of market conditions. These type of stocks are an ideal choice for long-term and medium-term investors. There are two main advantages of investing in consistent performer stocks.
April 6, 2018, 4:28 p.m.

The order books of many of these Indian IT firms are showing positive signals. As per the analysts the better-than-expected growth in the US and many other developed countries has led to a re-rating in the Indian IT stocks.
April 5, 2018, 5:40 p.m.

The Indian auto industry is amongst the largest in the world accounting for about 7.1 per cent of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) The industry’s rapid growth can be seen from indicators such as the arrival of international brands in India and the financial gains being registered auto companies.
April 5, 2018, 5:37 p.m.

Market continued to fall for the second consecutive month ( YTD return (-)5%) in the month of March amid various macro concerns like rising US bonds yield and oil prices etc.
April 3, 2018, 12:51 p.m.

I started investing in stock market 4 years ago, as soon as i got my 1st job. I am a very passive investor. I have not had much success till date as I have tried to stick to Bluechip stocks to avoid capital erosion.
April 2, 2018, 6:49 p.m.