Microsoft 70-698 Exam: How My Experience Can Enhance your Performance

Guest Author | Aug. 20, 2018, 1:19 p.m.

With the onset of Windows 10, it was clear that it was not anything like the previous Windows versions we were used to. As a self-taught IT professional, I can tell you that I struggled with this system. It coupled with the fact that I was a junior IT administrator at our firm, I needed to gain some serious skills to progress in my career. To be a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), you have to take two exams (70-697 and 70-698). Whatever IT specialist you may be, I’m sure your company would appreciate your ability to install, update and manage Windows 10 enterprise system.  

Microsoft 70-698exam measures one’s ability to implement, configure, manage and support Windows 10 and all its core services. Taking into account that it’s a new product, it is no easy feat. This is what makes the accomplishment of this exam such an achievement, because not only are you considered an MCSA certified but also you will gain skills that endear you to an industry that employs the use of Windows 10. During this time and generation, such skills are in high demand.

My Experience

I’ve heard a lot of rumors and talks about Microsoft 70-698 certification exam. Some candidate said it was as a piece of cake others argued that it was tough. However, exam creators will never tell you how difficult this exam can be and what to expect, still you can be properly prepared and confident. I am not the one to scare you, but there is nothing to be gained by sugarcoating the truth. Windows 10 system is considered to have user-friendly environment, be efficient and ahead of its time. Which means it is also complex in nature. My strength lies in post-installation configuration, which pretty much tells you that the initial process of determining hardware compatibility, actual installation and configuration of drivers, drives me a bit nutty. Thus it was important for me to unplug my love for configuring Cortana and stretch my IT abilities even further.

I won’t take you through the entire process I went to, because as a self-made IT aficionado, I had to start from the very basics. If have a background in IT, I believe you will feel much better and confident during your exam preparation. My first thought was to look for people who have been certified. The only one in my company was my Director, and since he didn’t exactly have so much time to spare, I turned to online communities. Initially, I posted on Reddit, and while I got a lot of pieces of advice, it led me to a better site called CBTNuggets. Not only did they take me through what to expect, I had access to their training materials and one user I interacted with gave me a link to the Microsoft Exam Reference Book and the syllabus foundon the internet.

The training materials I went through urged me to ensure that I had gone through every facet of the syllabus as provided for by Microsoft because they will most certainly test on everything. This was the hardest part for me because I couldn’t get to the software configuration without dealing with the initial set up and hardware configuration. Another wonderful resource that helped me in this regardwas Certification Desk. They have very experienced professionals whose main agenda was these exams and they took me through the challenging bits of the syllabus. I felt adequately ready after a month’s session with them. 

Along the way, as I was going through the training websites, the Ref book and a set of practice questions I had purchased from the Microsoft Press Centre, I realized all I was doing was theoretical in nature. I barely had any experience with the actual system. Our company had just bought the enterprise package, but it was still in the testing phase, thus I wasn’t really using it. My own PC was running on Windows 8. Upon further searches on the online communities I had earlier referred to, I found out that there is a lot of knowledge shared on such sites. I saw a post by a user who recommended running Windows 10 evaluation for a truly hands-on experience. The trick is to get a separate PC/VM to run it on so that you don't mess with your own system since it is likely that you will not be using Windows 10 enterprise for your personal use. This was by far the best advice I had been given. And the approach I followed led me to more efficient exam preparation. 

In a Nutshell

No one has set a formula on how to go about 70-698 exam. What worked for me was the use of combination of guide books, practice tests from Microsoft, training sites such as CBT Nuggets, Udemy, video lectures at PrepAway, exam dumps at Microsoft MCSA 70-698 Certification Exam Dumps, going through the syllabus and the Microsoft Ref Book. When I finally purchased the test, I had gone through the content for about two weeks. The trial version of Windows 10 is surprisingly very agile and it was a valuable key on the way to success. 

Honesty, I did not pass the certification exam at the first time. The pass rate for 70-698 is 85% an I only managed to score a 56%. I was not the one to give up, and upon the feedback from the results, I realized I had not polished my knowledge on the very thing I felt experienced in( software management). This accounted for 30% of the test and suffice to say, I did not do well. Take into consideration the tips I share with you, follow them and pass the exam on your first try. Microsoft certification is worthy of gaining despite of the exam price. Redoing them over and over again is not only furtive in nature but extremely expensive.

I redid the test, this time putting aside all my biases and geek pride. Not only did I manage to pass 70-698 certification exam, I went on to do the 70-697 in the same year. I am now a fully accredited MSCA. You can do it too. Wish you success.

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