Benefits of mobile trading apps over web-based trading software

Kotak Securities | Nov. 14, 2016, midnight

Benefits of mobile trading apps over web-based trading software

The way people engage in trading has changed a lot in recent years. Today, traders freely move around the world and simultaneously trade with ease. With multiple options available for trading these days, the amount of people wanting to engage in trading is ultimately increasing day by day, thereby increasing the competition.

There is a huge increase in the use of <a href="" title="Kotak Securities Mobile Trading Software">mobile trading software</a>these days. One of the main reasons for this being that the traders can receive instant trading signals on their mobile phones. This allows them to check the updates immediately and take further steps accordingly. However, there are several others who are still comfortable using regular trading software on their computers. Most of the individuals crave for the latest technology. And with increasing demand for mobile devices in market, this trend isn’t going to slow down anytime in near future.

Let’s find out what’s making mobile trading software most appealing today

Quick and Efficient -Trading with a mobile trading platform also offers a high level of comfort with easy navigation and advanced trading tools.

Monitor trades without interruption. It gives you the flexibility to multitask and easily manage separate trading accounts while you are on the move. The ability to trade “on the go,” is the main advantage of mobile platforms.

Trade anytime – The best thing about this is trading can be carried out anytime, no matter where you are. Smart phones make it quick and easy for you to monitor your trading account regardless of the time zone.

The advent of large screened phones and tablets – Mobile trading software works wonders for modern users and traders, as most of them have bid good bye to their laptops and desktops, after tablets have taken over.

Security: Security of the funds and transactions being the biggest concern for traders, mobile devices do not lag behind in this matter. The software in your mobile device has an encrypted firewall to protect the security of your transactions.

Then What’s the Major Difference between Mobile Trading Application and Computer Trading Software

Software download - Online trading does not require any software download. Whereas, trading on your mobile phone requires you to download mobile trading app or software.

Efficiency -Mobile trading software is fast and efficient. They give you live updates from the market makers. They are more comfortable and easier to use; and less complicated or cumbersome than your desktops or laptops

Connectivity- Desktop trading allows the user to use their system only when they are at home. On the other hand, a mobile trading platform gives you access to your trading account anytime you desired.

Security - When trading online on a PC, security is not a big concern as reputed brokers offer SSL security to secure your transaction. Mobile devices are also equally safe, since that’s your personal device and nobody has access to it other than you. Using the right security tools will thus ensure the security of your financial transactions.

Other than the ease of use, there isn’t any major difference between mobile and web-based trading platforms. A major reason why traders choose mobile trading over web-based trading is the fact that it allows them to explore all the opportunities that takes them to profit. Switching to latest trading tools maximizes your possibilities to earn benefits. All you need is a quality smart phone and the necessary software applications. Not to forget, there is still a bunch of traders who rely on web-based software for trading purpose, while mobile is only used as a backup.
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