5 Covers Which Are Included in Your Third Party Car Insurance

Guest Author | Dec. 20, 2018, 4:38 p.m.

Are you looking to buy a third-party car insurance policy? If you are, then you must first understand what such a cover entails. A third-party plan is different from a comprehensive plan. Take a look at this article to know all about the covers that are included in a third-party insurance policy.
Covers offered under a third-party plan
1. Damage to third party property: If you crash your vehicle into a third-party vehicle or any other property, it would be your duty to pay the damages. This can be financially stressful for you. You therefore need a third party insurance plan to compensate the third party. The insurance company will do so on your behalf.

2. Injury of third party: An accident can lead to serious physical injuries. Your third-party plan offers cover against all physical injuries to a third party. If a third party is injured and even permanently or temporarily disabled, your insurance provider will compensate the injured person on your behalf. The compensation will depend on the extent of the injury and will be decided after an analysis done by the insurer.

3. Death of a third party: The insurance provider will pay a death benefit to the family members of a deceased third party if the death happens due to an accident involving your vehicle. This is one of the most vital covers of a third-party car insurance policy. 

4. Legal expenses: At times, a third party can sue you for damages and drag you to court. Your third-party plan offers a legal cover and would pay your legal expenses so that you can fight the case in the court of law.

5. Personal accident cover: Last but not the least, you get a personal accident cover for the driver/owner under a third-party cover. This is very helpful as it keeps your family financially secured if anything happens to you. After a recent ruling in this car insurance plan, the cover has been extended to Rs. 15 lakhs from Rs. 2 lakhs.  
Extra covers available
As you saw, a third party car insurance online plan offers many beneficial covers. However, it does not offer any protection for your own vehicle. If you need cover for your car, you need to buy a comprehensive plan. This plan has all the third party covers as well as an additional cover for your vehicle which includes:
1. Own damage: Any damage to your own car is covered. You can make claims for dents, damages and thefts as well. This is a cover that is not available on your third-party plan. So, if you need to insure your car, you need an own damage cover.

2. Riders: You can increase your coverage with the help of some riders that are available at extra rates. You can opt for the engine protection rider, zero depreciation rider, roadside assistance rider, etc along with your base comprehensive plan.

3. Cashless facility: You can get your car repaired at a network garage and opt for the cashless facility. The insurance provider will directly pay the garage on your behalf and you can get the work done in a very convenient and easy manner.
Third-party car insurance online plans are easily available. However, if you feel you need to cover your own vehicle too, opt for the added benefits of a comprehensive cover. You will get all the third-party benefits and your own vehicle will remain insured too. Choose wisely and get the most out of your car insurance policy.

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